Motoring Review: Fiat 500

A rival to the original Austin Mini, the Fiat 500 was one of the first small city cars. Originally produced between 1957 and 1975, it measured 9 feet in length and had a tiny 479cc engine (hence the name 500). In 2007, fifty years after the original, Fiat revised this cheeky little car. It’s loosely based on a 2004 concept car, the Trepiuno. Dean Woodward takes one for a spin for us…

Motoring Review: Ford Fiesta

The 1970’s saw rising demand from European consumers for smaller vehicles now known as superminis. Ford answered this with the Fiesta in 1976. It was an instant success, with the millionth Fiesta produced 3 years later in 1979. Now after 33 years, over 10 million sales, the MK7 Fiesta remains one of Ford’s most popular cars. Dean Woodward takes one for a spin for us at Business Matters