Move your business to the cloud – Creating your own apps

Traditionally, building and running business apps was a complicated process that required expensive software and hardware. However, a new generation of development platforms in the cloud means that this is no longer the case.
Using the cloud, organizations can build solutions ranging from HR and accounting apps to websites for e-commerce and recruiting.  Apps can be delivered five times faster and at half the cost of apps built on traditional hardware and software platforms. This is because there is no hardware or software costs and organizations don’t have to worry about things like performance testing, security or backups as it’s all taken care of for them.
And creating them could not be simpler. A good cloud development platform will allow a user to create an app with the minimum amount of code. Indeed with platforms that use a majority of point and click tools to build applications, anyone can do it. Such applications are as easy to create, access, and share as it is to buy music online.
Creating apps in the cloud is undoubtedly the future for any company that wants to have a competitive edge. The ease and low costs of developing an app in the cloud allows employees to take a good idea and quickly turn it into a reality.