Businessmen call for Brown’s resignation

In the group’s letter, they state:’

With millions of families now facing or already struggling with the impact of redundancy, hard earned pensions and savings lost, and thousands of businesses failing, we say enough is enough – Gordon Brown must resign.
We are a group of business owners who have each worked hard to build our organisations from scratch, creating jobs, and making a substantial contribution to the economy.
It is time that Gordon Brown was held accountable for the catastrophic failures of policy that have led to an economic crisis that has this country on its knees.
To hide behind the issue as a global problem is wrong. Britain has been hardest hit as Brown’s actions have left Britain drastically ill-prepared. He borrowed in a boom and left us with one of the biggest budget deficits in the advanced world; he stripped the Bank of England of its powers to supervise the City and as Chancellor actively encouraged the risk-taking culture in our banks.
UK business and industry has been left crippled and in pieces by this recession and those in positions of responsibility need to be held accountable.
Our citizens are being punished again and again for the arrogance, complacency and the failings of those in whom the rest of us have placed our trust. It is taxpayers who will now ultimately foot the bill, and continue to pay for it for years to come.
For failure as catastrophic as this – likely to have lasting and perhaps devastating implications for many people – there is only one honourable course of action open to Mr Brown, to resign, and go now. ‘

The outraged authors were: Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers; Trevor Smith of Leith & Smith Joinery; Steve Fenn of Clark Davis & Co; David Lee of Lee Demolition UK; Danny Cox of Mobile Account Solutions; John Jefford of On-Site Supplies; Tony Davison of TDA; Andy Hettersley of CNS Media; and Ray Sherott of bhf Graphics