Cloud computing can drive sales success

SMEs today are crying out for systems that both enable them to engage in a structured and dynamic way with prospective customers and support their plans for growth.
It is no surprise then that increasing numbers are choosing to build their entire sales strategy in the cloud. Cloud-based sales systems are available today that allow you to automatically manage all sales processes related to customers and prospects – from tracking the request when a prospect registers their interest on the company’s website to managing customer evaluations, order processing and revenue declaration.

You can also use these tools for real-time reporting purposes, encompassing everything from forecasting and in-depth analysis of business critical sales information to contact, opportunity and lead management.
As a hard-pressed SME, sales success depends on having instant access to the right information.  With the latest cloud computing applications you can link marketing with sales more effectively. You can manage and track campaigns from lead capture to close.

This allows you to make intelligent decisions about where to invest, while validating the impact of your marketing activities on your company’s revenues.
The ability to share information in real-time in the cloud means that you can stay in touch with deals your sales team is working on, how much each one is worth, who you’re competing against, and at what stage the deal is at.

You can even ensure you receive automatic updates, plus track all associated activities as they happen, to close deals faster. 
Many SMEs are frustrated in their bid to achieve sales success by the difficulty in tracking down the key collateral they need to persuade and convert a lead into a customer.  With cloud computing, you no longer have to search through mazes of folders and mountains of emails to find the required information. 
Instead you can leverage popular consumer Web features like tagging, search, and popularity rankings to find what you need in a flash. And with the latest sales presentations and collateral at your fingertips, you’re sure to win more business from customers and prospects.
For hard-pressed SMEs, the best aspect of conducting sales in the cloud is that it is easy and convenient.
Running a sales strategy in the cloud is as straightforward as interacting with your favourite consumer websites. Cloud-based sales systems typically incorporate features giving quick visibility into direct and indirect sales channels, analytics and forecasting capabilities and easy-to-access content libraries. Suddenly, sales success is not only possible, it’s simple to achieve.