Business Link helpline replacement announced

BIS say that the telephone helpline, which will be in place and fully operational by 25 November and will form an important part of the Government’s new framework of support for businesses following the announcement to close the current Business Link network on the same day.
In conjunction with the website, the helpline will support small businesses and those starting up to find the information and guidance they need. It will also provide support to businesses that are not currently online.
Business and Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk said: “I am very pleased to confirm the appointment of Careline Services to provide the new Business Link helpline.
“The helpline will play a vital role in supporting small businesses and start ups, especially those businesses that need assistance to access information available on the web.”
BIS have said that the helpline will be staffed by a dedicated team, specifically trained to support businesses. Careline’s partnership with the Business and Enterprise Group will enable them to draw on the knowledge and expertise of an experienced provider of help to business.
The helpline is part of the Government’s commitment to creating the right long term environment to enable many more people start and grow their business.