Virtual networking no substitute for face-to-face, say women in business

Women’s belief in the power of face-to-face networking has come to light in research to mark the first anniversary of B.Hive Womens Business Clubs, a joint project between, legendary PR,  Lynne Franks and the office services company Regus.
B.Hive offers women in business a new way to work – in lounges and business hubs across the UK where they can network, meet clients, or find a quiet spot to work creatively.
The B.Hive survey looks at the problems that many female entrepreneurs face as they set up and grow their business. Almost half of the survey respondents said greater access to peer networking groups would help them grow their business.
60 per cent of women in the survey said home is their main place of work – hence their desire for the networking opportunities and stimulus of a creative, professional environment and 35 per cent said that having a professional, feminine environment to work and meet in was important to them.
According to Franks, “B.Hive answer women’s desire for more contact with their peers and for inspiring accessible spaces where they can work, meet and network.
“Though women in business value social media, they don’t consider the online world an adequate substitute for real-life contact with their peers, and real-life places and opportunities to meet. On this first anniversary of B.Hive, I’m delighted that our business lounges are providing the UK’s business women with the networking opportunities and the professional, inspirational spaces that can help them advance their businesses.”
Celia Donne, Regional Director at Regus, comments, “Dramatic increases in the number of home and mobile workers, as well as the thousands of women who register a new company each year, are creating a greater than ever need for flexible workspace. B.Hive offers an alternative, where professional women can receive their emails, make calls and meet with their customers