Could you be an expert on our TV screen?

Experts who think they’ve got the x-pert factor and want to be considered for TV programmes but don’t know how to promote themselves to the industry, will be able to attend a ‘Could You be a TV expert?’ seminar in Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham and London. 
Each seminar will be presented by findaTVexpert’s Claire Richmond, series producer of some of TV’s most popular shows, including BBC’s Changing Rooms, Don’t Get Done Get Dom and Ready Steady Cook, and who created the platform in 2008. Richmond will be joined with Mentorn Media’s Head of On-Screen Talent, Sonia Beldom.
“I’m thrilled Mentorn Media is joining me on my hunt for talent across the UK. The aim of findaTVexpert is to bridge the gap between the professionals and the programme makers – and having Mentorn Media’s support is terrific,” says Richmond. 
Beldom adds, “Great experts are crucial to the success of factual programmes because they bring passion and credibility to a series. They also bring new ideas to the table and access to people, places and projects that have the potential to inspire viewers, attract new audiences and set new trends. At Mentorn Media we are committed to making ground breaking factual television and we’re also committed to finding and nurturing the new experts who will help us achieve.
The dates of the tour are:
Manchester: March 10th
Bristol: April 7th
Glasgow: May 12th
Cardiff: June 9th
Birmingham: July 7th
London: August 8th