BlackBerry helps business prepare their brand and products for retailers

Pitching for Small Business covers everything from the pitching preparation right through to tips for ensuring that the product remains on the high street shelves.
Author Laura Rigney decided to write the book after realising that many people just didn’t know where to start when it came to pitching their products:
“After speaking to so many individuals who had created fantastic products it became clear to me that when it came to pitching their product to retailers they didn’t know where to begin. Having done this numerous times through my own business Pitcher House, I decided to write a book that included not only how to prepare for the pitch itself but also how to execute it effectively.”
With first-hand knowledge of pitching to the high-street, Laura understands that the experience can be a stressful one so the book aims to guide small business owners through presenting their product to a buyer, with hints and tips on how to build their confidence, how to get the pitch just right, and be prepared for any questions, so that ultimately the buyer takes the product and keeps it on their shelves!
“Pitching to retailers can be a stressful time for individuals who have spent time and money perfecting their product, it can be the beginning or end of their business but if their product has a market and they are able to pitch to retailers with confidence they stand a great chance of becoming listed and realising their dreams.”
Pitching for Small Business is the second of ten titles in the Business Bites series, which consists of guides from leading experts, including accountant Emily Coltman, sales coach Jackie Wade and Twitter expert Mark Shaw.
The series is packed with useful information, and each eBook covers a specific topic, so whether you want help with social media or how to balance your books, you can find the solution!
Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation, co-founder of Brightword said: “Small business owners have plenty to pack into a working day and this was reflected in the demands we were receiving for content to be delivered in bite size chunks. We have commissioned authors who are experts in their fields and their tips and advice have been packaged in an easy style. This series of eBooks will help you increase sales, reduce costs and work more effectively. Best of all, you can digest a Business Bite Guide in the space of a coffee break!”