Staff on holiday, but still working ‘on the mobile’

Plus, nearly a third of those who responded admitted to actively making calls while on annual leave. 
The research, conducted by internet telephony company Gradwell, will raise concerns over work-life balance in tough economic times and stress levels amongst staff.
Workers in the capital are the most likely to make or receive calls whilst on holiday, closely followed by those in the South West.
The high proportion of people picking up the phone suggests that businesses are putting some pressure on staff to work during holidays.
Peter Gradwell, MD of the internet telephony company said: “It is very difficult, particularly in managerial positions, to cut yourself off from the office, especially if you’re staying in the country. It is important, though, to have a proper break and I often find that ignoring the phone and coming back for a fresh start after the holiday can give you some perspective on problems or difficult issues in the workplace.
“The majority of managers have smartphones and work remotely to some extent, which as a business we facilitate, but it’s important to keep a sense of perspective about when it is and is not appropriate to be available to staff, the accountant and every other call you receive during the day!