BT Volunteer scheme sees 20,000 days given to good causes

BT people are bringing their skills and enthusiasm to community projects like park maintenance whilst also helping charities build expertise in areas such as sales and marketing, which is so critical in today’s tough economic environment.

Caroline Waters, Director People & Policy, said: “BT wants to make a meaningful impact in the communities where our people and our customers live and work. We believe this volunteer programme will create real benefit for local people, for the third sector and for our business. BT people are sharing their skills while also learning new skills and gaining insights into how another sector operates. The increased engagement is leading to greater pride in the BT brand and enhancing productivity. I believe that responsible businesses have a vital role to play in our society and I’m proud that BT is taking a leadership position in giving our people the opportunity to tackle the local issues that are so important to the wellbeing of our society.”

One charity who has benefited from the skills of BT people is, Global Ethics providers of One Water, a product that gives its customers an opportunity to bring clean and safe water to Africa.

Duncan Goose, Global Ethics’ managing director, said: “The BT volunteers have given Global Ethics a real boost, in exchange for their knowledge and experience in their fields, they are learning new skills and understanding the work requirements in the charity sector.”

Denis Lee Baker, a BT volunteer, said: “When I saw the offer to work with Global Ethics, I jumped at the chance as I thought I could help people and get lots of new experience. After an interview, Global Ethics offered me a role in new product development, a dramatic change from anything I have ever done before. It allowed me to use my project management skills. My role is to research and develop any new products that are chosen by Global Ethics. I like working with the charity and I am learning new skills that I can use when I return to BT whilst also learning how a smaller organisation works.”