New online service for business owners looking to raise short-term finance launched

However this new service, headed by managing director Patrick Averies, who has a wealth of experience in both the Financial and the Jewellery sectors, brings the Pawn Brokering Industry into the 21st Century. Pawnbrokers boasts the ability to offer clients financial freedom and fast efficient access to capital in this current economic climate. 
Pawnbrokers aims to be the country’s leading online Pawn Brokering Company offering a professional, secure and confidential service giving clients access of short term capital. 
Averies said: “Pawnbrokers Direct offers a flexible approach to lending allowing clients access to loans, within 24 hours, without the high cost or slow decisions of a bank.  Therefore offering a fantastic alternative to selling an item. 
Unlike most Pawnbrokers, Pawnbrokers Direct is based solely online, Clients do not need to visit a shop, and are able to track their valuables every step of the way, until they are safely secured in the companies vault. Clients are able to get a loan against the value of their item and on average pawnbrokers offers twice the value of a high street pawnbroker. 
Averies is keen to point out that Pawnbrokering is now a well used form of lending right across the class sectors and is widely used by professionals and wealthy people who may be asset rich but are cash poor wanting to conduct a business deal or need cash to pay suppliers, where a bank would take at least a week to pay , pawnbrokers are able to lend the money within 24hours, no early repayment penalities and no set up fees all make our package worthwhile, compared to typical high street lenders. 
The managing director of Pawnbrokers Direct admits that misconceptions regarding the Pawn broking industry are still rife and a certain stigma is still attached.
However since the clamp down on lending, the National Pawn Brokers Association estimates that there has been an increase of up to 30 per cent in business across the UK in the last six months.
“More middle-class people have been attracted to pawnbrokers because of the credit crunch” says Des Milligan, head of the National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA).  Averies concludes by saying: “Forget the Dickensian image of a Pawn broking that is most definitely a thing of the past. Many people are now looking for an alternative to high street banking, in the current economic climate banks are less likely to lend and clients are reluctant to borrow money.  At Pawnbrokers Direct we are able to offer a simple discrete alternative.”