Barack Obama orders British mother’s cookbook

Mrs Bee thought it was a joke when she received the order from The White
House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, USA for her book The Secret

Mother-of-three Mrs Bee, from Stratford-upon-Avon said: “I was absolutely
astounded when I heard we had an order from The White House.

“I genuinely believed dispatch were playing a practical joke on me.

“I had to go and check the order and then I was so excited that I wanted
to go and hand post it myself.

“I really don’t know how they heard about the book over there – I’ve
never had anyone as exciting as the President ordering my book. It is really
amazing to think that my ideas are winging their way over to Barack and his

“Barack Obama is obviously very family orientated and I think the book
will really help him to manage a healthy lifestyle.”

Mrs Bee who juggled a career as a writer and TV presenter penned the wellbeing
book after suffering three major heart attacks in just under a week.

After her survival in 2004, Mrs Bee discovered she had spontaneous coronary
artery dissection – an extremely rare condition with only 120 cases

It left the main artery of her heart crumbling and with little known about the
condition she started to research healthy eating.

She said added: “I had always enjoyed cooking but now found that eating
healthily could really make a difference to how I was feeling. My philosophy
are the five Fs; family, food, fitness, finance and future. I think these
are things that are close to Obama’s heart.”