Could Your Tattoos Have An Impact On Your Career?

The popularity of tattoos has been increasing in recent years, particularly among younger generations. As a result, there's now a significant proportion of the workforce who have at least one tattoo. 

The popularity of tattoos has been increasing in recent years, particularly among younger generations. As a result, there’s now a significant proportion of the workforce who have at least one tattoo.

But how are those with ink regarded in the workplace, and are these attitudes changing? Also, what can you do if you feel that your tattoo is affecting your career potential?

Tattoos In The Workplace

Virgin Atlantic

recently hit the headlines with their high-profile decision to allow their cabin crew to display their tattoos. In a move to evidence the company’s forward-thinking focus on diversity and championing the individual, the notoriously innovative airline is proud to be the first to make such a controversial move.

So, it’s clear that some employers are open to the idea of visible tattoos in the workplace. There are also signs that the prevalence of ink among the younger generations will mean that even more employers will need to rethink any conservative attitudes towards visible tattoos in the future.

This is encouraging for those who have chosen body art in the past or who are planning to get new tattoos at some point. Yet, there are still some considerations for those seeking employment or new careers and how they will be able to display any visible tattoos.

For example, it’s clear that there is still a degree of stigma and even prejudice around people with tattoos. It may vary depending on the industry, but there’s no doubt that some employers still have hang-ups about hiring people with visible tattoos. According to YouGov, the public opinion website, around a third of the British public feel negatively towards tattoos in general.

This means that for jobseekers and ambitious workers looking to advance their careers, there’s still the potential for a visible tattoo to impact their progress and success.

Industry Matters

It’s probably not too surprising that the issue of tattoos and career progression can vary wildly between industries. For example, top athletes who proudly sport their chosen ink are an example of rising to the top even with visible tattoos. And it’s not only the celebs and superstars who can sport their ink successfully, some industries such as personal training and modelling also tend to be more open to body art and tattoos as a form of personal expression.

On the other hand, more traditional professional roles may be subject to more conservative views around tattoos. The legal and finance sectors are notorious for their strict dress codes, something that could well lead to the discrimination, or at least, disapproval, of new candidates who show up to job interviews with visible ink on display.

Similarly, jobs in the medical and teaching professions may also be subject to unspoken preferences regarding tattoos. While these may be unofficial requirements, it still means there’s a chance that your tattoo could be impacting your career prospects.

Tattoo Vs Career?

It’s clear that the world is gradually changing its previously strict standpoint on visible tattoos in the workplace and the people who choose to express their individuality through body art. In an age of increasing diversity and the acceptance of people’s individuality, along with the increasing popularity of tattoos, it’s likely that those with ink will proudly make up a larger part of the workforce of the future.

In the meantime, however, it may be that careful consideration and discretion may be required to advance your career in spite of any tattoos that you feel may be holding you back.

For example, if you have old ink choices that you could happily move on from, you might feel that laser tattoo removal would be a good solution. That way there would be no doubt about whether you were being judged unfairly based on your appearance.

This is an easier decision if you no longer love the ink choices you made in the past and are happy to have them removed. Yet, even with a tattoo that you still enjoy, you may find that it could be a factor in your career potential, and it may be worth making the decision to have it removed.

In essence, it comes down to each individual and their unique circumstances – how you feel about your tattoo, the type of career you aspire to, and your feelings about being judged by your appearance.

Whatever you decide to do about your tattoo and its place in your career plans, it’s encouraging that the world is becoming a more open and accepting place. It’s also great news that tattoo removal is increasingly effective and affordable for those who choose to opt for a blank canvas in the pursuit of their future success.