Gareth Lloyd


Gareth Lloyd, serial entrepreneur has built a diverse portfolio over two decades with 30 entities across 18 countries. Co-founding the Amoria Group in 2006, the consulting and staffing business has grown from a modest $100k to $175M in revenues. Gareth's impact extends to White Lion Foods (WLF), a global Agri-tech group he co-founded in 2012, making WLF the largest exporter of Brazil nuts globally. With the upcoming launch of Truly Nuts in October 2023, WLF commits 25% of profits to Amazon Rainforest projects, showcasing a strong dedication to sustainability. Gareth's philanthropy includes supporting ABCT, a charity addressing child poverty and education, and his Charitable Trust, which has built 500 homes, soup kitchens, and shelters for underprivileged children in Peru. Residing in Singapore with his family, Gareth's life philosophy centers on "making humanity healthier, bringing wealth to communities, and leaving Earth in better shape than we found it.