Charlie Clark


Charlie Clark is the CEO and founder of Minty Digital. His journey in the digital marketing industry began in 2017 when he founded Minty Digital, initially offering PPC services to local businesses. With a strong passion for helping brands grow and succeed in the online space, Charlie quickly established Minty Digital as a reputable agency. Throughout the years, Minty Digital, under Charlie's leadership, has navigated numerous challenges, including a global pandemic, the UK's departure from the EU, and the expansion of the company with the opening of a Spanish office. Despite the ever-changing landscape, Charlie's unwavering dedication and strategic mindset have propelled Minty Digital to new heights. Today, Minty Digital offers a comprehensive range of services, including Digital PR, SEO, and PPC. With a focus on delivering exceptional results and staying ahead of industry trends, Charlie and his team have solidified Minty's position as a leading player in the digital marketing landscape. As Minty Digital continues to grow and adapt, Charlie remains committed to providing innovative solutions and driving success for clients. With his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise, Charlie Clark is shaping the future of digital marketing, one minty step at a time.